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Marcus & Millichap’s clients benefit from operations, policies and a culture that are specifically designed to maximize value for each property with the highest degree of professionalism. Real Estate is our focus; we can offer you an unmatched level of experience and expertise.

The Industry Leader in Real Estate Investment Brokerage
M&M offers the industry’s largest sales force of investment specialists who are experts by property type and market. Our leading investment sales volume nationally results in more real-time market intelligence than any other source.

Maximizes Value for Each Property
Our market coverage and specialization translates to unparalleled market knowledge. Each property is positioned to attract the most qualified buyers regardless of size and price.

Gives Clients the Advantage
Marcus & Millichap’s clients lead the market in buyer access. Our extensive experience in marketing and executing transactions give our clients the market advantage.

Technology – Relationships – Culture
As a technology pioneer for three decades, our state-of-the-art communication system (MNet) connects our agents with thousands of investors. Our culture of information sharing is the foundation for this powerful system, and allows us to maximize exposure for each listing.

Generate the Most Qualified Buyers
The size of our sales force and relationships enable us to match properties with investors who recognize their full potential. Multi-faceted marketing campaigns enable us to make a market for each property.

Produce Efficient Execution
Our clients can formulate the most informed investment strategy and execute with confidence. Our technology results in the most efficient marketing and closing processes in the industry.



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Net Leased Retail – Unmatched Expertise. Unmatched Experience.


  • – Our powerful marketing package strategies create a wider audience of buyers and investors.
  • – We approach every deal, whether big or small, with a “Don’t Hold Back” mindset. Every transaction is worth the energy and time.
  • – We work with Marcus & Millichap and consecutively ranked top U.S. Investment Sales Brokerage Company.
  • – On average, we close at 98% or better of the list price.

As part of Marcus & Millichap’s National Retail Group (“NRG”), we are able to provide the industry’s most dynamic and effective National marketplace for the acquisition and disposition of retail properties.  With retail specialists in offices nationwide, NRG is the industry leader in retail transactions, having closed more than $26 Billion in real estate since 1971. Marcus & Millichap has 72 offices Nationwide, and in Canada – we have access to ALL of them.

With more than 18 years of experience, Net Leased Retail is a significant force in facilitating the acquisitions and dispositions of Single Tenant (Net-Leased) and Multi-Tenant Retail properties (shopping and strip centers) nationwide. We focus on these two asset types in an effort to provide the best service to our clients, and target the most qualified investors.  Our inventory of income property is recognized for its size, thoroughness in underwriting and quality.

The ability to be exceptionally responsive to the needs of owners and 1031 exchange investors has been the critical ingredient to our success. As a leader in investment brokerage, Net Leased Retail’s commitment is to assist its clients in achieving their real estate objectives now and in the future.

When you work with Net Leased Retail, your Broker has an educated and dedicated team that individually focuses on escrow, marketing and research, providing you with undivided attention throughout all phases of your deal. A well-defined target audience is the first element to any marketing strategy. We focus on details that others don’t see, such as a

  1. Precisely defined marketing and location descriptions to thoroughly understand your asset and it’s place in the community
  2. A full collection of every piece of data on the market to ensure we align with buyers expectations and therefore achieve your goals quickly and efficiently
  3. Intense management of dates and processes once your deal is in contract making sure that every promise is met and potential objections one eliminated from the start.
  4. Attention to your assets detail. Uncovering necessary income and unnecessary expenses ahead of time so that you know your getting the full value potential from your property.

All of this information comes together to aid us in finding qualified buyers whom to target with our cutting edge marketing strategies.

Net Leased Retail has been committed to strong ethics and integrity, giving you that unmatched expertise and unmatched experience.


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Joseph P. Blatner

  Phone: 503-200-2029
  Email: joseph.blatner@marcusmillichap.com

The anchor of Net Leased Retail is the creative culture that we have in place. By working as a team, we collaborate and design customized solutions that meet our client’s expectations while building and sustaining long term relationships. After 15 years in the business these cornerstones are what keep me motivated to remain extremely active in research and understanding fluctuating markets. I pride myself on working with a company that has devoted individuals in areas that include creative marketing, the highest level of research available and experienced transaction managers.

My capacity as a broker at Net Leased Retail is taken next level with the support of an exceptional team, together we have been able to understand investor demand in the continually changing retail market. My focus is clear, to get your listing the exposure it deserves, and in doing so keeping client communication as the number one priority. It’s about going above and beyond… every day.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented & creative people who help keep me on my toes!  Together we are changing the way brokerage is done.

Interests: Fishing, dirt bike riding and spending time with my son Mason

Joseph Blatner is a Vice President and Director of the National Retail Group with Marcus & Millichap’s Portland, Oregon office. Joseph joined the firm in 1998 and focuses exclusively on the sale of net leased retail properties as well as shopping centers nationally. During his career, Joseph has represented numerous developers and institutions as well as private investors in the acquisition and disposition of their shopping centers and free standing net leased investments all over the country. The net leased team sets itself apart from other brokers with their expertise in understanding the capital markets, underwriting and researching investors demand of the continually changing retail market. His association with Marcus & Millichap’s National Retail Group, the nation’s leader in net leased properties, allows him unparalleled exposure to the market, resulting in the highest pricing and surety of closure.

Megan Wallachy

  Phone: (503) 200-2031
  Email: megan.wallachy@marcusmillichap.com

Within the world of Net Leased Retail I manage all escrows and just about everything else! Mine is a detailed, structured and sarcastic mind and I often find myself clinging to lists and uniformed schedules which, I guess, is why I love what I do. There is just enough chaos and spontaneity in the world of an escrow director to make it interesting, but really, the organized and intellectually challenging balance of this course is large and in charge and is my most comfortable state of mind. I like to think that I NEVER FORGET and can put the mind of our clients at ease with this trait as, often times, they need someone who can keep on top of all aspects of getting their deals to the finish line. My motto? If I don’t know, I will find out!…..and I do. Clients rely on me to give it to them straight; not to waste their time. You won’t get any “sides” with me, I am front and center. What you see is what you get and I find this to be important in our working culture. No one wants to be sugar-coated or dismissed when it comes to such a sizeable investment.

I love learning and in this line of work, you learn something new every day. No two deals are the same and I never realized that, after 10 years in to this business, I could still be surprised so often at the new challenges that arise. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding as well.

In my spare time I keep busy chasing after my son, Cash, and relaxing with my husband, Cain.


Leah Wilcox

  Phone: (503) 200-2024
  Email: leah.wilcox@marcusmillichap.com

As Marketing Manager at Net Lease Retail, I am responsible for concept direction, creative project management, and establishing new marketing strategies to elevate the company’s presence.  My career has spanned across various industries prior to joining the Net Leased Retail Group/Marcus & Millichap teams, working with notable companies by re-establishing their brand image and online presence and maintaining B2B/B2C relationships.

Regardless of the industry, my passion, fueled by a competitive spirit,  is to maximize a company’s value through creative strategies to increase growth and profitability. As a creative mind, I find that I thrive in the challenges of discovering the methodology of consumer behavior and helping company’s understand how to optimize their reach to their intended audience. As Steve Jobs put it “You can’t look at  the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look  at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently”.

When I’m not trying to creatively save the world, I enjoy spending time with my sidekicks, my two girls and my dog Gidget, watching Top Gear, gardening/flea markets, and embarking on creative adventures and various other shenanigans.

Chad King

  Phone: 503-200-2027
  Email: chad.king@marcusmillichap.com

I bring over 15 years’ experience in the sales and marketing industry managing multiple nationwide corporate accounts.  I have a solid foundation of experience with corporate clients and am excited to bring this knowledge to Net Leased Retail. My goal has always been to provide a personal, practical, timely and fiscally responsible solution to each client’s real estate needs.  This is accomplished by creating a plan of action that is developed from a thorough assessment of the client’s current situation and their future needs and goals. Every commercial real estate deal is rooted in the financial needs or criteria of the tenant, landlord, buyer or seller. My skills in the analysis of existing conditions, project budgeting, forecasting and financing requirements, operating results and investment rate of returns, guarantee my clients the highest level of evaluation before action.

I bring thorough knowledge in all areas of commercial real estate with an emphasis on investment real estate including 1031 exchanges, property analysis, and sale/leaseback deals.


Camping/travelling with my family, golfing, rock climbing, Tough Mudder and Spartan races

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