Luke Schroeter

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specialized in net leased retail

Luke Schroeter specializes in single tenant net lease properties in the Northeast Portland Market. New to the Commercial Real Estate industry, Luke has an accomplished career in sales and brings to the team a strong track record of identifying, developing and managing strategic business relationships.  

Luke has a passion for sports, particularly golf, basketball and tennis.  As a sales achievement award for his previous employer, he had the opportunity to golf at Saint Andrews and Gleneagles in Scotland.  As part of a state championship team in tennis at Lakeridge High School, Luke went on to play college tennis at the University of San Francisco and later Portland State University.  Luke graduated from Portland State University with a double major in Marketing and Finance. Luke teaches Basketball and Tennis through Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Department.

Mr. Schroeter’s family has been involved in real estate for several generations. Rooted in Palos Verdes, California where both of his parents grew up, his father is an accomplished home and smaller commercial builder. Luke’s grandparents had successful careers as a doctor, lawyer and a decorated professional pilot for United Airlines and they went on to have several successful investments in both commercial and residential real estate.