Megan Wallachy

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Within the world of Net Leased Retail I manage all escrows and just about everything else! Mine is a detailed, structured and sarcastic mind and I often find myself clinging to lists and uniformed schedules which, I guess, is why I love what I do. There is just enough chaos and spontaneity in the world of an escrow director to make it interesting, but really, the organized and intellectually challenging balance of this course is large and in charge and is my most comfortable state of mind. I like to think that I NEVER FORGET and can put the mind of our clients at ease with this trait as, often times, they need someone who can keep on top of all aspects of getting their deals to the finish line.

My motto? If I don’t know, I will find out!…..and I do. Clients rely on me to give it to them straight; not to waste their time. You won’t get any “sides” with me, I am front and center. What you see is what you get and I find this to be important in our working culture. No one wants to be sugar-coated or dismissed when it comes to such a sizeable investment.

I love learning and in this line of work, you learn something new every day. No two deals are the same and I never realized that, after 10 years in to this business, I could still be surprised so often at the new challenges that arise. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding as well.

In my spare time I keep busy chasing after my kiddos Cash and Lucia.